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Automatic Pool Covers
Creating A Convenient and Safe Swimming Environment


Automatic Pool Covers of Northeast Ohio specializes in the installation, service and repair of automatic and manual swimming pool safety covers.  We do not build pools or sell chemicals.  All we do is covers, and we do it better than anyone else!  With over twelve years experience working on all makes of covers you can be assured of a professonal, quality job.

Our covers provide a unique combination of year-round safety, convenience and energy savings.   No other single cover can provide this high level of security and peace of mind. When closed, our covers prevent access to the pool water, while still allowing children to safely play in the pool area.  A simple turn of the removeable key opens the pool for swimming.

Our Services:

We can install a cover on almost any shape swimming pool.  Whether you have an existing pool or are considering the construction of a new pool, we can offer numerous options for incorporating a cover into the design.

An existing pool will utilize our standard toptrack and can have the mechanism installed on top of the pool deck, concealed in a vinyl "bench".

New pools can have the mechanism installed below ground and hidden with a metal lid, coping stones or poured concrete.

The options for new construction are almost endless - we can work with your pool builder to incorporate flush-mount track, in-the-wall track or undertrack in the pool design. 

Key Benefits:

  • Gives homeowners peace of mind knowing their pool is more secure than if they had to rely on a fence to keep curious children away from the pool. Automatic covers act as a horizontal fence, completely sealing the pool from intruders.
  • Save up to 70% on heating costs
  • Pool chemicals last TWICE as long
  • Your pool stays cleaner - so you spend less time cleaning
  • Extends your swimming season
  • We are a local Ohio company, able to respond in a prompt manner in the event service is needed.